Saturday, April 13, 2013

PSA-Digital Picture-Less Picture Books [COMING SOON}

Hello, readers!

Soon, I will be introducing my line of "You Draw the Adventure", Picture-Less Picture Books for the Kindle. Read below for the first page included in every book.

Enjoy and visit my AUTHOR PAGE :)

What are Picture-Less Picture Books?

They are innovative “You Draw the Adventure” books, where I write the story and you draw the fun—physical books you can purchase from for you and your children to read and draw in!
Each page has a line of text below a chunk of blank space which is reserved for the reader to draw what was read. These books are aimed at helping children improve their imagination, boost creativity, and foster communication while having a good time.

If the main purpose is to draw, why have a digital version? I can’t draw on my e-reader!

The digital version can act as a standalone bedtime story or supplement the physical Picture-Less Picture Book—try reading along with your child while he draws in the physical copy for family fun!
Or, for those without the physical copy, simply read each digital page while your child draws what he hears on a blank piece of paper.
You can borrow the digital version from the Kindle Lender’s Library for FREE, or purchase a copy at the low cost of $0.99, before you buy one of the dozens of physical Picture-Less Picture Books to make sure a particular book is right for you or your child.
With the Picture-Less Picture Book digital version, the options are truly endless!

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