Saturday, July 7, 2012

Interview #1: Camera Shy

Welcome to author The Jason Jack's blog, a stand-alone supplement to WWW.THEJASONJACK.COM!

TheJasonJack: Hello! It's Your magnificent host of all things creative bringing you my first ever interview with the man who created all of this.

(waves arms around implying the virtual world of this blog and

He is also my father, so to speak. Or God? Which one do you prefer, Jason Jack? Or, can I just call you JJ?

Jason Jack: Uh . . .

TJJ: Don't be camera shy, now.

JJ: There are cameras here? You didn't tell me that . . .

TJJ: (laughs) No, silly! Of course not. But if there was, I wouldn't tell you.

JJ: That's reassuring.

TJJ: Ooh. Sarcasm from the writer himself. Digression--I'm just going to call you Jason from here on out. And I'll make that change in the margin. TJJ and JJ are a little confusing, don't you think?

Jason: I think you interviewing me is kind of confusing.

TJJ: (laughs) You always were a jokester, Jason. Not!

Jason: Again, not helping the vibe here.

TJJ: How is this confusing, if I can ask? Of course I can--this is my show!

Jason: Alright, Mr. Ego. Well, for starters . . . you are my creation. And you are interviewing me. In fact, that's why this is confusing. You're my creation--

TJJ: But I have taken a life of my own, haven't I? And soon, I will be a five star act closing in on ruling the world.

Jason: By doing interviews on a blog nobody knows about with an author who has yet to be published?

TJJ: Wow. What a downer, Jason. We're going to remedy both of those soon. I heard you've been working hard on a few novels over the last two years and you're planning on publishing them (hopefully) by the end of this year. Tell me more about that.

Jason: I've wrote five novels, actually--

TJJ: Fascinating! And you've even gave me credit for all of them.

Jason: (sigh) You really wouldn't have it any other way, would you?

TJJ: (smiles) Nope, nope, and nope.

Jason: So about those novels . . .

TJJ: Sorry! That is all the time we have today, Jason. But I will make sure you're invited back for more. We have lots to talk about, and I have lots to say. People just can't seem to get enough of me.

Jason: What have I created? This The Jason Jack is more than a monster . . .

TJJ: What was that?

Jason: Oh. Nothing. I was just wondering if we could put up the article I recommended. The list of things people would not normally know about me?

TJJ: I will see what I can do. I'm a busy creation, don't you know?

Jason:  . . .

TJJ: Well, followers, thanks for stopping by and reading my first ever interview. Come on back, because there sure will be more articles, interviews, and exclusives right here on this blog. And don't forget to check out WWW.THEJASONJACK.COM for more! Good day and goodnight!